The road less traveled

From Braemar they slowly went back to Aberdeen, to the Family History Society. It was drizzling on and off. They passed some beautiful glens, rivers flowing through, fields of green grass, some quaint crofts and a few of these modest ‘piles’ (see previous blog). While Coen was doing his research, U. San and her went in search of a loo which they found in a nearby supermarket where they also had some coffee and pastries.

Highland scenery

Highland croft

Highland bul

And they were off on the roads again. This time they were in search of some distilleries too. In spite of the drizzle, they meandered through the beautiful green Scottish country side. It is on this meander that they fell onto another distillery in the middle of nowhere. The stuff there was rather fiery, at least the ones they tasted. It was an independently owned distillery (Glendronach), actually owned by three partners, two of whom being South Africans! This is where they also made the acquaintance of their first highland bulls.

One of the Chivas tasting rooms

On, on, they went through this lush scenery. And finally made it into THE whiskey district. It was easy to figure that much of all this is still run by a company called the Chivas Brothers. And they do not only make Chivas Regal. Since this is not a dissertation about the whiskey trade in Scotland…

Highland scenery

Road through the forest

Duff town clock tower

A few more stops at distilleries and they started to look for accommodation for the night. In the small towns, everything was fully booked and they ended up in the whiskey capital of the Highlands, Dufftown. This is a quaint town surrounded by famous distilleries, Glenfiddich being one of them. It took some asking around before they got some accommodation with an aunty up the main road.

Glenfiddich Restraurant

That evening they patronised the Glenfiddish restaurant, a rather ‘tapageur’ affair, not in the noise level but the way they advertise the place. The food was excellent and well served, and did not break the bank either. Coen and U. San had Angus beef and she was doing her research on haggis. They spent a nice evening before retiring back at their B&B. The next morning the aunty prepared breakfast before they were on the road again, venturing further into the Highlands and then back south to Edinburgh.

Dinner at the Glenfiddich restaurant


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