The road less traveled

Rodrigues ruminations

They opted to keep the next day shorter so that they could come back earlier and enjoy


St Gabriel church


Looking towards Petit Gravier


Port Sud Est


Port Sud Est in the distance


Down to Mourouk


At Mourouk hotel


Petit Gravier beach on a Sunday

the pool as well as have some rest. This however, was a more intricate trip since in that part of the country there is no coast road. They had to take the various roads down to the coast and come back up. The first stop was at the church of St Gabriel, a church that was on the have-to-see list. Mass was just finished, they had the place to themselves.

All the roads were very scenic. They did get lost into dead ends and the one car had to tow the other out but it was all done with fun. They stopped here and there to visit, take pictures, and

also later to find places to eat. The one place they found in the highlands that also boasted a botanical garden was on appointment only.

So they slowly made their way back after taking in the great views at Port Sud Est and Mourouk hotel. They went all the way down to Petit Gabriel where they

stopped at the beach to have a snack. It was Sunday early afternoon and there were only about 3 groups of people including theirs!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Panoramic view of the south east coast

Back at the guest house they ate at left-over pie, chocolate cake and other goodies they

Local pie/tart

Local pie/tart

had, made tea, rested and two of them went to the pool. The owner of the place was leaving for Mauritius that afternoon and popped in to say good bye. Dinner was again at Marlin Bleu. It was all-local and tasted of home food – nothing extraordinary but nice.


Another dinner at Marlin Bleu

They had the idea of crayfish and the restaurant manager said he would have the next day but he was not keen on making them a real simple garlic butter sauce, he insisted that it had to be loaded with cream. With some doubts they booked for the next day and left.


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